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Technologies- old

Eureka! has a vigorous research program wherein it develops new in-house technologies that can applied to new products. We are looking for partners to help us commercialise these technologies or who have alternative active ingredients that may fit our technologies.
We have a number of novel glyphosate technologies.
Our ITN technology (patent pending) is the cheapest method of delivering glyphosate to the market.  An outstanding idea that removes the need for costly and inconvenient amination and greatly reduces packing, packaging, transport and storage costs.
Our high loading soluble granule technology (patent pending) enables us to offer the highest loaded glyphosate granules in the world without the loss of efficacy.
Our relentless search of surfactants has enabled us to identify improved and more cost effective surfactant systems for liquid products.
Grass Greening
Our liquid carbon technology (patent pending) enables turf to remain green and healthy during the cold months when recreational turf normally yellows off and suffers increased damage from traffic.
High Loading Suspendion Concentrates and Emulsion Concentrates  
We have developed SCs and ECs with 10 – 20% higher loading than the commercial standards.  One such example is a trifluralin (patent pending) which has a loading of 600g/L using non-flammable solvents.
Aerial Applied Ganules
We have considerable success in developing novel granules that can be applied by air.  One example is a the world’s first flupropanate granule (patent pending) that offers the control of a range of highly invasive, introduced grass weeds.  These weeds are taking over large areas of pastoral country in northern Australia but also include serrated tussock, a difficult weed to control in southern Australia.
Organic Products
We have developed a wide range of organic or “soft” products for the control of pests, disease and weeds or supply biosimulants (i.e. kelp, humate, trace elements etc.) for the home garden, pest control or horticultural industries.
Peat Based Baits
We invented a patented technology that enables soil borne pests to be controlled using an environmentally sound bait system. These baits are small granules that can be applied to the soil using standard precision granulation equipment. The baits can be made to last for 1-4 years depending on the needs of the crop. Unlike other chemical treatments that indiscriminately kill organisms in the soil, including beneficial and other non-target organisms, our baits are pest specific leaving non-target species unharmed. This technology has been licensed to Grotech Australia Pty Ltd and commercialised by the international chemical company Sipcam under the brand name of Grub GuardTM.
Triple Active Ingredient Veterinary Medicine
We have developed a novel veterinary medicine that contains three “antagonistic” active ingredients.  This technology has been licensed to a major, international animal health company.
Peat Based Sustained Release Fertilizer
We developed a sustained release fertiliser based on a peat granule which has been commercialized by Biogreen Ltd, under the trade name of Superior Boost™, into the home garden and commercial markets
Controlled Release
We have a number of controlled release technologies that can be modified to suit the needs of various products and clients. These technologies are best suited to solid granular applications of agricultural chemicals and fertilizers. They have provided control for 3 months to 2 years over some chemicals.
We have extensive in-house technologies in water dispersible, water soluble and solid granules and have developed more than 45 commercial granular products.
We have developed a novel solid granule technology that is in the process of being patented by one of our customers that is targeted at improved aerial delivery
We have experience with conventional micro-emulsion technologies and have developed a novel technology that offers advantages of much greater safety and ease of use. We are in the process of patenting this technology.

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