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Product Formulation

3Our broad range of capabilities allows us to offer services to companies of all sizes. Products we have developed range from novel technologies with patent protection to simple images of existing products.We have developed products of almost every formulation type used in agchem or animal health products. Below is an example of the extensive range of formulation types that our chemists have experience with: 

Agchem Animal Health
aerosols (AE) aqueous concentrates
aqueous concentrates (AC) backline
baits (RB) capsule suspension
emulsifiable concentrates (EC) cream
emulsions in water (EW) dermal paste
gels dip
microemulsions (ME) emulsifiable concentrates
micro-encapsulations (MC) emulsifiable suspension
pastes (PA) emulsion
smoke generation gel
solid granules (G) granule
soluble granules (SG) injection
suspension concentrates (SC) micro emulsion
suspo-emulsions (SE) oral drench
tablets oral paste
ultra low volume (ULV) suspension concentrates
wettable granules (WG) topical aerosols
wettable powders (WP) topical and oral suspensions
topical & oral solutions

We have used our formulation skills to solve problems in other industries such as water treatment, laundry detergents, surfactants, cosmetics, enzymes and paints.