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Eureka! has two factories, one devoted entirely to herbicides and the other to non-herbicide products. They make products for the agriculture, horticultural, recreational turf, pest control, municipal, home garden and domestic markets.

Eureka!’s facilities have been approved by two multinational companies to supply them with their specialist product and approval is underway for a third company. However, much of Eureka!’s production is made for small and medium sized companies servicing the Australian, New Zealand a Pacific Island markets.

The factories have a modular format that enables them to make small (1,000L/kg) to large (200,000 L/kg) orders. The quality of output is ensured by the unique support provided by having access to the best product development and QC team in the country. This means that products are produced to the highest possible quality and on time.  Eureka! has invested heavily into protecting against cross product contamination. The herbicide factory is divided into six smaller factory modules that have a sophisticated system to manage all dust and air movement any other systems control all inputs and waste.

The manufacturing team is highly experienced in scaling up and making new products making Eureka! the preferred toll manufacture option for most companies bringing new products to the Australian market. Products made include; suspension concentrates (SC), emulsifiable concentrates (EC), soluble concentrates (SL), emulsions (EW), wettable granules (WG or WDG), soluble granules (SG),  solid granules (G) and bait formulations.

Both factories have solar power that generates up to 100KW capacity substantially reducing Eureka!’s impact on the environment.


We offer a comprehensive range of product manufacturing options from simple contract manufacture where all ingredients are supplied by the client to the supply of the finished product in its commercial packaging and many combinations in between.

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Equipment & Facilities

We have two factories in adjoining suburbs, one devoted to herbicides and the other to non-herbicide products. We make a wide range of products for the; agriculture, horticultural, recreational turf, pest control, municipal, home garden and household markets

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There is nothing more important to the supplier of a chemical than its quality. With plenty of choice in the market no customer is willing to compromise on quality.

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We are renown for our ability to use new technology, to modify/adapt existing technology or to develop new manufacturing technologies. We have developed techniques to load protein-based ingredients onto solid core granules that resulted in the soon to be released Mozx insecticide.

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