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manu-2We offer a comprehensive range of product manufacturing options from simple contract manufacture where all ingredients are supplied by the client to the supply of the finished product in its commercial packaging and many combinations in between.

The close linkages between our development laboratories and our factories means that we have a far better understanding of the science of formulation than toll manufacturers.

We are better at the critically important but often overlooked step of scaling up products before entering the market. Like most laboratories we develop products in 100ml or 100g batches. Unlike most laboratories, our typical development program includes scaling up these batches first to 500ml and then to 5L batches before collecting data for use in product submissions to government regulators like that APVMA or the ACVM. This process frequently identifies areas where the proposed formulation needs to be optimised and adjustments are made.

Industry best advice recommends that scale-up must be done in ten fold steps. i.e. 5L to 50L to 500L to 5,000L. We have the equipment necessary to support each step of scale up. For instance we have our bead mills range from capacity 100ml, 1-20L, 50-500L batches up to 5,000L per day.

We also better understand the parameters important to sustained product quality, and should anything ever go wrong, we are better at trouble shooting product problems.Our products can be seen in major; hardware stores, supermarkets, farm supply stores and on farms across Australia and New Zealand.