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Product Development

Our comprehensive laboratory facility and our specialist staff, allows us to offer an extensive range of formulation services to suit the needs of every customer. Eureka! has developed over 450 commercial products in 18 years. This number of products is unrivalled by any other company in the Australian agricultural chemical and associated industries.

Product Formulation

Our broad range of capabilities allows us to offer services to companies of all sizes. Products we have developed range from novel technologies with patent protection to simple images of existing products.

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Pilot Plants

Jumping from lab developed formulations to full scale production inevitably leads to very expensive problems. Either the products fail or the equipment fails. This leads to losses of ingredients, upset factory managers

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Product Testing

All products developed by Eureka! undergo a battery of tests in the laboratory to mimic product mixing, spraying and storage stability using international CIPAC methods. Many of these tests are required

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Eureka! has a vigorous research program wherein it develops new in-house technologies that can be applied to new products. We are looking for partners to help us commercialise these technologies

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