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manu-3There is nothing more important to the supplier of a chemical than its quality. With plenty of choice in the market no customer is willing to compromise on quality. Quality doesn’t start in the factory but way back in the laboratory that develops the formulation. Too often we are asked to make products to recipes that are simply not stable.

Our manufacturing is closely supported by Australia’s leading formulation laboratory with staff having many decades of combined formulation experience. Our factories are one of very few that has the equipment required to undertake all of the quality test methods required by the regulatory authorities and staff that are suitably trained to operate them. For example we not only have a Malvern® Mastersizer® Laser Particle Size Analyzer, we also have staff who are trained to ensure that the results that this machine produces are accurate.

We have a Stepan Spray Tank Simulator that enables our chemists to view the process of products mixing with water in a tank and then passing through a pump and nozzles. This is a powerful tool in identifying potential problems or solving existing product problems.

Our QC testing and retention sample techniques and register have been audited and approved by international companies.