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Manufacturing Technologies

manu-4We are renown for our ability to use new technology, to modify/adapt existing technology or to develop new manufacturing technologies. We have developed techniques to load protein-based ingredients onto solid core granules that resulted in the soon to be released Mozx insecticide. We made the product that more than tripled the amount of a liquid active ingredient that could be loaded onto a modified clay granule and resulted in the first aerially applied granule for the control of serrated tussock and similar species. We made the world’s first edible bait for the control of soil borne insects using technology. We made the first double strength flutriafol SC product in the world and watched multinational companies struggle to copy us. We made the first wettable granules that delivered 800g glyphosate acid/kg in the world using a novel technology developed by our labs. We have developed methods to make stable high loaded liquids as well as stable ultra-low concentration suspensions for the home garden market. We have developed processes to make new forms of granules and new forms of gel baits.