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Hose-on or Ready to Use Performance Testing

hose-onHose-on and Ready-to-Use packaging are specialised and differ greatly in the volume and method of delivering a product and the spray pattern. It is critical that your product and packaging are properly matched.

Hose-on applicators vary greatly in output. We have tested most applicators and found that some take 3 minutes to deliver 2L of product while others take 45 minutes (all tests are done when attached to a hose flowing at 10L/minute). We have also tested applicators that have needed 25L of water to deliver 2L of product compared to others that required nearly 500L. These differences can have considerable impact on the consumer’s acceptance of your product. After-all who wants to spend 45 minutes applying a product if it can be done in well in 10 minutes or who wants to have to use 500L of water when it could be done well with 40L. The matching of the applicator and product can have a massive effect on whether a product will block Venturi straws, apertures and nozzles. It also controls whether the product works.


This is another product category where product needs to be carefully matched with applicator. We have found that applicators differ by a factor of four in the volume of product dispensed per trigger pull. Some combinations of trigger and formulation are prone to annoying foaming, others gum up the trigger or have difficulty in forming an even spray pattern. Some of the most important products in this category have stability problems as the active ingredient interacts either with the bottle material or the material in the straw or trigger. We do our accelerated storage stability testing in the final bottle and then test the spray performance.