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Spray Boom Performance- Old

Spray Boom Performance

The CIPAC methods used to test products are generally designed for European conditions and may not adequately simulate Australian and New Zealand conditions. In addition to the traditional tests can test how products perform passing through spay pumps, booms and nozzles.

Laboratory Spray System Simulator

We have a Stepan Spray Tank Simulator, its 10L glass tank allows our formulators to see how products dissolve, disperse or mix with water in a tank. The products are then passed through a pump, filters and nozzles so that we can see what this does to the integrity of the product or whether the product is at risk of blocking filters.

Tracksprayer:-We have a large, high precision, three nozzle tracksprayer that can be configured as a boom spray or a row crop sprayer. Using this machine we can see how a product will perform when it is sprayed. We can use this equipment to apply product to plants and under local spray conditions and collect data on efficacy and crop safety.
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1,000L tank sprayer:-We have a triple nozzle sprayer set up in a 1,000L tank that allows us to test whether spraying 1,000L of spray mix leads to any build up on nozzles or filters.