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Laboratory Product Testing- old

All products developed by Eureka! undergo a battery of tests to mimic product mixing and spraying and storage stability tests using international CIPAC methods. Many of these tests are required by the Australian Pesticide and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) for registration of products for use in Australia. We also have additional tests devised by ourselves and by the FAO.

Storage stability tests are essential to gaining product registration through the APVMA and by regulatory bodies in many other countries around the world. Our chemistry packages are designed to provide data in a fashion that can be directly submitted to the APVMA with no need for additional work by our clients.

image048In addition we have the capacity to develop and validate analytical methods for a wide range of chemicals. Such validated methods are essential for registration of products through the APVMA. We have a library of validated methods and this can save valuable time when registering agricultural chemicals.

Although we do not provide services in the preparation of registration packages we are well versed in the requirements and can provide assistance and recommendations where needed.

For further information please contact Anthony Flynn (details in the Contact Us page).