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Scale-up and Pilot Plants- old

The volume of product typically needed for scale-up, field trials and test marketing of a new products are beyond the capacity of a laboratory but too small for full scale plants or toll manufacturers.Eureka! has purpose built pilot plants and experienced staff capable of supporting scale-up for most formulation types.
We have a comprehensive range of equipment including;

Equipment Laboratory size Pilot plant size Semi-commercial size
Bead mills 200ml barrel Dyno® Multi Lab Dyno Mill 25L.
Basket extruders 10cm diameter 20cm diameter 40cm diameter
Compression extruders 8cm diameter 12cm diameter 18cm diameter
Coating pan/drum 500g rotating drum 5kg rotating drum

40cm pan

40kg rotating drum
High sheer mixer Silverson® lab mixer Silverson® mixer suitable for 50L and 100L vessels Silverson® in-line mixer

Silverson® mixer suitable for 1,000L vessels

High sheer powder mixer 500ml mixer 20L, jacketed mixer

Granulators/extruders, Mastersizer (laser particle sizer), spray dryer, jet mill, humidy controlled ovens, Stepan Spraying system, jacket powder mixer, high sheer powder mixers, Silverson high sheer liquid mixers, etc.