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What is bulk packaging of agchem products doing to product quality?

The use of bulk packaging has exploded in broadacre agriculture in Australia. 1,000 L IBCs and 110 L mini bulk container are being used for on-farm convenience, container management or for a better price. But what do these bulk containers do to the stability of products that were initially designed for 10 L or 20 L containers?

Do Sprayer Hose Materials Differ in their Residue Risk?

At some time, most farm advisors have wondered whether their clients are getting all of the spray residues out of their spray lines and what this might be doing to the following crop.  Nobody wants a crop failure complaint! Do Sprayer Hose Materials Differ in their Residue Risk?

Does that new, fast acting, ready-to-use, garden herbicide really work?

Last year, a new knockdown, ready-to-use (RTU) product entered the home garden market with much fanfare and the promise to cause visual results within an hour.   Having tested many home garden products that have made wild claims we were sceptical – but we were wrong!

At Eureka!, we have considerable knowledge and excellent facilities to test product for use in home gardens.  I interviewed Liam Flynn, a Project Manager at Eureka!, about the studies that Eureka! has conducted on this new product and how it stacked up against its own claims.