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Eureka! offersa comprehensive range of product development and toll manufacturing services to the agricultural chemical, pesticide, veterinary and animal health, home garden, fertiliser and organic stimulants industries.

We have nine chemists, two agronomists and an engineer, selected for their problem solving abilities and specialist skills and a team of support staff. We also have considerable specialist equipment for use in our labs, our pilot plants and our factories.

Eureka! hasthree sites in the western suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.

Anthony Flynn and Philip Pentland founded the Eureka! groupin 1999 with just two staff. Since then the group has grown to employ 40 people. Anthony is the Managing Director and Philip is the Director of Operations. With 9 specialist chemists, two agronomists and an engineer we believe that we are the largest, most responsive, most successful and best qualified company offering product development and toll manufacturing services in our industries in Australia and New Zealand. Our staff and managers are handpicked for their problem solving abilities. Our business works at the interface of plants/animals and chemistry and our managers are trained to cross between these disciplines.

Eureka! isa “one stop shop” in product development. We have formulation labs, stability testing facilities and equipment to test in-tank and spray performance and can include the evaluation of bioefficacy and crop safety.

At any one time about 35 products we have developed are being evaluated by the APVMA. Over time we have developed a sound understanding of the requirements of the government regulators.

We have developed over 350 commercial products ranging from novel technologies that have been patented to simple image formulations of existing products.

Eureka! wasthe leader of the $2.4 million consortium “Novel Crop Protection Granule Hub” which wassupported by a $1.25 million grant from the Victoria Science Agenda.

The consortium director was Anthony Flynn. It succeeded in developing;

(1) five new commercial products

(2) a patented, high loaded glyphosate granule

(3) a patented herbicide granule for use in commercial nurseries and forestry

(4) a patent pending technology for a herbicidal granule for the control of prickly acacia and other woody weeds in pastoral areas and

(5) a patent pending technology for a granule for the control of mosquito larvae in water.
In 2011,Eureka! Research do Brasil moved to the city of Sorocaba in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil. At this site we have a factory that makes plant nutritional products for this large and dynamic South American market.