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Seaweed – Myth or Magic?

Recently, I was at a field day and overheard a farm advisor talk disparagingly about a well-known seaweed product. Eureka! has worked on seaweed products for nearly 15 years and undertaking dozens of studies for companies in our pot and greenhouse facility on the rural fringe of Melbourne. We have also formulated new, improved products for the leading brands in our specialty laboratories in Altona, Melbourne. We can say with authority that it does work, providing you are using the right product, for the right reason and in the right way.

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How Does Hard Water Damage Some Agricultural Chemicals?

The use of hard water in spray preparations is very common in some parts of Australia. At Eureka! we expend a lot of effort ensuring that new products we develop for the Australian market are able to cope with hard water.

Hardness is caused by calcium and magnesium ions that are dissolved in the water. They get there when the water passes through rocks or soil that contain these ions, such as limestone. A lot of Australia’s farming land sits on such deposits and, not surprisingly, Australia have a lot of farms that have bores or even dams filled with hard water.

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